What some of our clients have to say about our work:

~ Chris Skinner RN, BSN, Board Certified-Nursing Informatics, Clinical IT Manager (Nursing/Physician/Education) (Project Manager), Covenant Health

“At Covenant Health, our goal is to achieve a high level of quality in every aspect of our operations. As the manager of the IT clinical department, it is my team’s responsibility to deliver high quality EMR products to the hospital staff and meet the demands of the eight hospitals we support. Currently, we are implementing CPOE, an Emergency Department information system, a Medication Reconciliation technology, and many other IT solutions across our entire system in order to meet Meaningful Use requirements. To accomplish this, we needed a massive, knowledgeable, and professional workforce to support education efforts and at-the-elbow support. We contracted with Personagy for these services and paired their staff with our education department and go-live resources, which proved instrumental in our success. The Personagy team is responsive and maintains the level of quality that Covenant demands. By utilizing their resources, we experienced very limited education issues during our go-live, our hospital staff was comfortable asking questions and felt supported throughout the change, which attributed to a 100% adoption rate at our recent go-lives.”

~ President/CEO, Kentucky-Based Medical Center

“Your folks have been a ‘God-send’ before and during our go-live. Without exception, I have heard nothing but positive compliments and that our go-live could not have been accomplished without Personagy. Please pass on my thanks to your team.”

~ Director of Education - Healthcare Facility, Southern Indiana

Recently, Personagy worked with a Director of Education and a main issue they were having was the inability to quickly and effectively
on-board new employees due to increased internal workloads. What she said she needed was a way that when a new employee joined the company, he could have the ability to get up to speed on company policies and procedures so that he could become productive more quickly. We provided this capability. As a result, employees are now on-boarded in half the time at a 35% cost savings.

Personagy worked with a Director of Clinical Informatics of a large healthcare system recently. One of his main concerns was increased
pressure to meet Meaningful Use deadlines with EHR Implementation due to staffing constraints as well as increased workload on his team. What he said he needed was a way when implementing the different applications, the physicians and clinical staff could have just-in-time training and support without adding overwhelming stress to his team. We provided these capabilities. As a result, 99.6% of users were trained with an average competency score of 96%. Further, the support team enabled the system to implement the new systems at 22% below budget and on time.

Personagy partnered with a healthcare facility in Southern Indiana for an upcoming EHR implementation. The Director of Clinical Informatics was concerned that productivity may be hindered during the technology conversion. He said he needed a way when implementing new clinical technologies that his users would be trained on how to do their jobs in the new system and supported through the transition without sacrificing patient care or user satisfaction. We provided this capability. As a result, 98% of clinicians, ancillary staff and physicians were able to proficiently utilize the new system within 2 days of go-live with a user satisfaction rating of 95%.