“Successful healthcare technology implementations go far beyond choosing the right software for your organization. Optim Support is experienced in implementation project management, instructional design, and training and tracking of employees.”

~ Crinda Francke, Optim Support President

We Offer Personalized Expertise in Healthcare Technology such as:

Expert Trainers

The team at Optim Support has implemented training solutions for many healthcare organizations - from large multi-hospital systems to small physician practices on all types of medical technologies. We’ve trained over 25,000 physicians and over 80,000 clinical staff. Unarguably, one of the most important aspects of implementing new healthcare technology is training your staff on both the technology and the process changes that will take place upon Go-Live. Our proven implementation and support model will minimize the frustration and increase the time to adoption for your employees so the focus can stay on where it matters most - patient care. We have 25+ years’ experience in best practices in the following technologies:

• Regulation and Compliance
• Cerner
• Epic

Disclaimer: Optim Support is not affiliated with any of these organizations. This is a list of technologies on which we have subject matter experts and on which we’ve provided client-centric solutions to documentation, roll out and implementation.

"At-the-Elbow Support"

Our team at Optim Support is accustomed to being Healthcare facilities’ “At-the-Elbow Support”. We can provide experts to be stationed in your units, practices, and work areas prior, during and after Go-Live. The transitioning employees appreciate this on-site assistance helping to manage frustrations that typically go along with a new software, an upgrade or just a transition period.


Take the hassle out of trying to get everyone to sign up for training. Optim Support Schedulers will work with each employee to be trained and make sure that each person attends every class assigned to them.

Project Management

Project Management is the backbone of a successful project. All of our consultants at Optim Support complete our internal Project Management Methodology Training. This training ensures that all of our team members are knowledgeable and can assist our client’s project manager where necessary. Our project management methodologies, processes and tools ensure on-time, top quality deliverables within budget.

Process Knowledge

A thorough knowledge of the processes within project management can help a project manager be effective, but the same level of knowledge of the instructional design and development processes have distinguished Optim Support team members among their peers in the industry.

Methodology Expertise

Along with the knowledge necessary to excel in this industry, it is important to achieve a level of expertise in the methodologies and concepts of adult learning and instructional design. Further, expertise in the new developments the internet has brought to those methodologies is necessary. At Optim Support, our team members are on the leading edge of those new developments.

Healthcare Help Desk Support

Sometimes, your Healthcare Help Desk staff can use some extra hands on deck. Our healthcare help desk experts not only have technology expertise, they are well versed and knowledgable in the healthcare industry as well. Our team can supplement your staff for short-term, project-based needs, or for long-term situations where you may have a higher than expected help desk ticket volume. We can staff support people around the clock. At Optim Support, our healthcare help desk experts assist with large or small projects based upon your company needs.

Healthcare IT Staffing

Whether you have recently lost some of your Healthcare IT team or need extra Healthcare IT people on staff for a very busy period, Optim Support can help! We can provide you with extra Healthcare IT staff to help cut down on everyone’s frustration when you are in a pinch.